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"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo.
A group of regular corporate types (a designer, a filmmaker, a project manager, a banker... heck, even a broker..)once hung out in Juhu. Powered by the standard HBR articles about Information Asymmetries and Network Externalities, they decided to try out challenging the purest form of information asymmetry that they all had faced in common - the Great Mumbai Real Estate Broker machine. Facebook was beginning to come into its own so a modest FaceBook group was created. Today the group is a not so modest 3500 strong and still growing... but like all stories that have a twist, our's had Facebook refusing to upgrade us to their new format despite literally hundreds of requests.

So we put in some money and some time, sweet talked some innocent programmer friends and before we know it, we find ourselves writing things "About Us"!! ...But we have kept our day jobs as we believe that our users have enough at stake to ensure FWB's continued survival and growth. So keep posting and spreading the word....and exercise regularly and have a high fiber diet... Cheers! The FWB Team